40 Different Diseases Can Be Transmitted Through Food

There are 40 different diseases can be transmitted through food, arm yourself with knowledge about this and keep clean habits.


There are 40 different diseases can be transmitted through food, arm yourself with knowledge about this and keep clean habits.

Sanitation – Creation & Maintenance of conditions that prevent food borne illness

* The correction of problems
* Direct – Contamination of its natural setting.

Things you cant prevent – Fish / polluted
but can correct by – Pesticides
washing…etc. – Fertilizers
– Antibiotics / Animal Hormones

Bacteria needs to grow & survive
Foods high in moisture and proteins.
– Meat
– eggs
– shellfish

*Temperature = The way we cook, store foods
40 deg F —- 140 deg F
60 deg F —- 120 deg F


Bacteria don’t like things high in acid or alkaline.

Pathogenic Bacteria
When you ingest dead bacteria, it gets you sick by releasing toxins

1. Intoxication – (toxins)
2. Infection – Ingest live bacteria
3. Toxin medicated infection – Ingest live bacteria, start reproducing & growing inside
the body. They give off toxins when growing.


Smallest known form of life
they invade the cells of the host
they take over your cell genetic matter (Produces more viruses)
Not affected by sanitizing, cold.

Author: TheSaltyChef

The Salty Chef lives in AZ

8 thoughts on “40 Different Diseases Can Be Transmitted Through Food”

  1. Amazing post. This just means that we need to watch what we eat because most of the time we do not know what is the process that the food undergoes before we actually see them in the shelves of our favorite grocery or market.

    Katie Smith
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  2. Food hygiene goes a long way in keeping yourself healthy. The fact that you have highlighted this issue on your blog makes me very happy. Its something different from the regular commercial blogs.

    Karl McCullough
    Author of Hunting Tips for Beginners book.

  3. Drinking water can also cause as many diseases as the food can. It depends on how hygienic is the water and food you are taking. Having good food and good water won’t cause any disease.

    Jack Stephen
    Webmaster of Forever laid

  4. HI !

    An outbreak of foodborne illness occurs when a group of people consume the same contaminated food and two or more of them come down with the same illness. It may be a group that ate a meal together somewhere, or it may be a group of people who do not know each other at all, but who all happened to buy and eat the same contaminated item from a grocery store or restaurant. For an outbreak to occur, something must have happened to contaminate a batch of food that was eaten by a the group of people. Often, a combination of events contributes to the outbreak. A contaminated food may be left out a room temperature for many hours, allowing the bacteria to multiply to high numbers, and then be insufficiently cooked to kill the bacteria.

    Kate Jonston
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  5. I know frequent amount regarding food sanitation because it is one of my related subject during my college, pretty good that you share it here and many people have the knowledge about it.

    My last blog post:
    Kim About Body Issues, Butt, Cellulite

  6. Whaaaaat? 40? I’m surprised it’s only 40 though, I think there may hundreds, considering the quality of food nowadays, not a lot of organic are available on the market. And most people opt for a more convenient, fast way of preparing foods.

    Webmaster of All Web Directory

  7. Hi
    We must be careful about our food. There should be reasonable sugar,oil and others because they can spread the lots of deceases which are dangerous our health.
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