Cheap Beers For Frugal Drinking

A discussion of what some of the best cheap beers are.


Best Cheap Beers

When going out to have a few beers, the best cheap beer is a matter of taste. Scientific studies have shown that how people taste beer is genetically programmed. There is an inherited gene that controls taste perception of a bitter flavor in beer caused by a chemical called 6-n-propylthiouracil (PROP).

People that cannot taste PROP, or taste it weakly are called nontasters. They perceive more sweetness flavor in beer. Those expressing the gene are called supertasters and are less likely to appreciate certain beers.

Geographic availability is another deciding factor in determining the best cheap beers. One cheap beer tops the chart across the country. Bud Lite is the best selling cheap beer in the United States. Last year its sales were just under six billion dollars. Here are a few of the best cheap bears based on region.


Yuengling is made by America’s oldest brewery in Pottstown, Pennsylvania. Established in 1829, it was difficult to find outside of the local area. Now it can be enjoyed in most major cities. It is a light amber lager that is very reasonably priced for a great taste.
Genesee Cream Ale is produced along the Genesee River in upstate New York. The brewery makes other tolerable beers, but the cream ale is by far the best brew for your buck. Look for the green can or tap.


Medalla Light is brewed in Puerto Rico and is easily the best selling cheap beer there. It is now available on the mainland and will certainly increase revenues for the company. It is described as tasting of “sweet malts, honey, corn, yeast, grains and a slight hoppy bitterness.”
Mack and Jack’s brewery is in Washington State. It is a local favorite of the college clubbers and a pitcher is less than that of any import or other micro. A local favorite is the African Amber.


Mission Street beers are brewed by the Steinhaus Brewing Co. in Monrovia, CA. While a tad more expensive than the cheapest swill, the quality of this line of brew equals much more expensive choices. Try their India Pale Ale if a bit hoppier taste is desired.
Hailing from the August Schell Brewing Company in Minnesota, Grain Belt Beer is a regional cheap favorite. The most popular product is their Grain Belt Premium; particularly by the younger consumers for the taste and low cost.


The Kona Brewing Company on Kailua-Kona, Hi. isn’t cheap compared to the mainland, but what is? It produces Longboard Lager, Pacific Golden, and Fire Rock Pale Ale. All three are the best of the cheap beers available in the fiftieth state.


No discussion of good cheap beer would be complete without mentioning a couple of American standards. From the Rocky Mountains Coors Light is a national favorite with over two billion in sales last year. Miller lite sold just under two billion. Someone is drinking Busch light and Natural Light each around a billion in sales. Americans love their beer and cheap beer in particular.


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