Cooking Rice Without a Rice Steamer


I’m a big fan of Thai food and cook it myself whenever I can. As you probably know 90% of Thai dishes come with rice so being able to cook rice is pretty important as far as Thai cuisine goes. So it may surprise you to learn that I only just recently found out how to cook rice properly!

I had been making use of that “microwave in a bag rice” which I always thought was pretty good. Obviously now I know how bad it is compared to freshly cooked rice. The reason why I used it though was because I haven’t got a rice steamer. Just recently I went to a Thai dinner party with one of my Thai friends and he showed me how to cook it in a saucepan and it comes out perfect every time! I just wish I’d learned how to do it sooner!

Ok so all you need is an average sized saucepan and some rice from your local supermarket. Try to get Thai jasmine rice if you can but if not long grain rice should be your second choice.

Get a cup and start putting cup fulls of rice into your saucepan. Make sure the cups are full and also make sure you keep count of how many cup fulls you put in. This is very important as you need to put in double the amount of water. So if you put in 4 cups of rice you should add 8 cups of water. For Thai Jasmine rice, this will give you the perfect result.

Next just put lid on the saucepan and then put it on your stove and turn it up to full. When you see the lid start bobbling around you can turn the heat down so it’s just simmering.

The key is to not keep lifting the lid to see if it’s done! Give it at least 20 minutes before you make your first check.

All the water should have disappeared and the rice should look nice and fluffy. Once it’s like that you can turn off the heat and lift the lid slightly for a couple of minutes so as to let the rice dry a little.

It really is that easy and there’s no need to buy a rice steamer! Now that you know how to prepare perfect rice you can start planning some Thai dinner parties for your friends. All you have to now is perfect the mains!

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