Benefits Of Saffron

There is a lot said about the benefits of saffron and some of the benefits of saffron have been discussed in brief in the write up below.


Saffron is a spice that is considered to be one of the most expensive spices in the world. There is a lot of labor involved in getting the stigmas from the saffron flower and to produce a pound of saffron spice, more than 70,000 saffron flowers will have to be harvested. The entire process is done by hand and takes a lot of people and time to produce and hence the high cost. Saffron is also used as medicine to help cure a lot of medical conditions and saffron extract is sold as dietary supplement and is said to help in weight loss. To know more about saffron, its benefits, side effects and uses check out the following link

Benefits of Saffron

Weight loss

Saffron is known to help lower the appetite and to reduce cravings. There have been many reports which have attributed weight loss benefits to saffron that is achieved by regulating the hormone that will help to prevent compulsive eating among people and therefore help to avoid weight gain. There have been studies conducted where saffron has been used as a possible weight reducing product as the results of the tests have shown that people who took saffron containing supplement lost a lot more weight than people who placebo.


Saffron is known to help influence the levels of serotonin in the brain and this helps to cheer up the person. Serotonin is a hormone that improves the mood of a person and the more serotonin in the brain, the cheerful the person will be. It is this serotonin that helps people to avoid over eating and the same hormone helps people who are suffering from low to moderate depression. Studies have been conducted on people who suffer from depressions and when they were treated with the help of supplements that contained saffron, the results were a lot better than people who opted for normal placebo. The results of the test have been able to prove that saffron is as effective as depression treatments and therefore is slowly finding its way into treatment of depression.

Premenstrual Syndrome

There are a lot of changes that happen in the body of a woman during menstruation, but there are some women who experience a few emotional and physical symptoms just before they experience their menstrual cycle. Such symptoms can be experienced in the week the menstruation starts or a week before that. A study was done on a few women who have premenstrual syndrome by giving them saffron supplements for two menstrual cycles and the results of the study have concluded that the women experienced a significant decrease in PMS symptoms. The symptoms that the women experienced were a lot less than those experienced by women who took placebo and therefore it can be said that saffron helps to reduce Premenstrual Syndrome symptoms in women.

There is no denying the fact that the assumptions are based on tests that have been conducted by various researchers and that there is a lot more research that is needed in order to substantiate the claims and the results of the test. To know about what Dr. Oz has to say about saffron, check out the following link


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