The Incredible Coffee-hamper DIY: How To Make One And What Goes In?

Allow us to guide through the awesomeness of a coffee hamper, how to make one and what to include.



A day in the life of a coffee lover is quite simple. A steaming hot mug of coffee to kick start the day, another mug to get through the otherwise drab motions and another mug to finally rejuvenate the frazzled nerves at the end of the day. They have life sorted at least on that front, which in turn, also sorts out your life, should you ever have to gift this person. What more would the fanatical coffee-lover love than a well-thought, handmade coffee hamper? Allow us to guide through the awesomeness of a coffee hamper, how to make one and what to include.

What you need?

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  • Wicker basket: First off, you need the container that will carry your hamper. You can opt for a big shoe box or a plastic container. But, we prefer wicker baskets- all cliché be damned. It’s quaint, charming and comes at reasonable prices too.
  • Linen or satin cloth: This may not be a necessity, but it looks nice and neat. Before placing the little gifts in, put in a sheet of white or brown linen or satin. It adds a classy touch and always makes everything look well-packed.
  • Ribbons: It feels nice to see that you’ve walked the extra mile just to make the hamper look good. Tie the quintessential gift bow over your basket. Or, drape the whole handle with ribbons and leave some ringlets hanging at the ends on the handle.
  • Coffee beans: If it’s a coffee hamper, it should smell like a coffee hamper. Scatter some coffee beans into the basket, and let them sit for some time before you put the rest of the gifts. The coffee beans will lend the basket its typical rich aroma, doing a fabulous job at perfecting the theme for the hamper.

What goes in?

  • Gourmet coffee: If you can pull it off, it would be splendid to have gourmet coffees from different parts of the world. Little jars of exotic coffees from coffee-specialty places like Kenya, Guatemala and Indonesia form the perfect and most thoughtful contents of a coffee hamper.
  • Coffee mugs: The coffee mug is an indispensable part of every coffee-lover’s life. Arm this person with a big mug of his favorite coffee and he’s ready to conquer the world and all its problems. An "I LOVE COFFEE" or a coffee doodled mug, or even a customized mug is the perfect addition to the coffee hamper. In addition to ceramic mugs, you can also add a commute cup, so your friend is never too far away from his precious.
  • Confectionaries: Now, just because a person loves coffee, doesn’t mean he has to just go on only drinking coffee (though, we’re sure it’s not something he would mind doing). Don’t hesitate even one bit before adding some mint-chocolate cookies, bars of dark chocolate, some homemade cinnamon-coffee cake or cookies, a can of cocoa powder. Take our word for it, anything else you fall short of, these will more than make up for it.
  • Coffee liqueur: Just the thought of this sinful liqueur gets our mouths watering to no end. Coffee liqueur can be had by itself, or mixed with some cocktail or as a final touch to a dessert. Either way, it’s an experience no one will ever want to forget. A perfect gift to add a unique little touch to a coffee hamper.
  • Coffee-table books: Why should endless mugs of awesome coffee go without the company of coffee-table books that are a visual delight? You know what your friend likes (apart from coffee, obviously); get a coffee-table book themed after something of his/her interest.

Finally, once everything has gone in and put a bow on attach a little handwritten note for your friend, and well, scent it with the one fragrance s/he loves the most- coffee!

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Olivia Carter is a die-hard coffee fan and food junkie. According to her, coffee in the morning, brings the best in her, and sets the tone for rest of the day. An avid blogger and traveller, she collects coffee beans from around the world during her visits abroad.

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